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Police community using electric bikes

Posted on - 30th September 2016

We always maintain that electric bikes are a great solution for many different people, and a lot of people we speak to never really considered the benefits of having an ebike. Sometimes you might just need a fast bike to get from A to B, and in other cases your two-wheeler could be a vital part of your work. Local police forces are a great example, so we’re glad to hear a few recent stories about electric powerbikes being adopted by local patrols across the UK.


In Saddleworth, the main local newspaper reported back in July that neighbourhood officers were looking for additional funding to help purchase ebikes for them to use while on patrol. This makes perfect sense, since ebikes are fast and efficient allowing the same officers to cover more ground in the same amount of time. This is especially helpful for uphill journeys, which certainly applies in Saddleworth. Fortunately, some reconditioned bikes were donated by Gtech free of charge to support the local police force, which was great to hear.


Meanwhile, electric bikes are being used by other police forces across the country too. Officers in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and many more places have adopted them recently. They’re great for cities as an alternative to patrol cars, since they make avoiding traffic and accessing public areas much quicker and easier. Having said that, rural locations are probably where powerbikes really come into their own for this purpose, since police forces are often stretched thinly across several villages. Motor-assisted bikes make it much easier for these officers to get around, even on steep hills and challenging country roads.


We’re always happy to see more people discovering the benefits of ebikes, so to hear about communities benefitting from them like this is definitely good news. If you’re interested in how you can get more out of your bike, we’d strongly recommend you take a look at our selection of electric bikes and let us know if you have any questions.