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Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike Safely

Posted on - 23rd October 2016

If you’ve been won over by the advantages of riding electric bikes and you’re keen to try one out for yourself, you’re probably one step away from being ready. Once you’ve chosen your bike from our selection at eBikeShed (including big names brands like Powacycle, Batribike, hiabike, FreeGO and many more), there’s still one major point to consider before you set off – safety.

Most of the points you need to consider will be obvious to regular cyclists, hopefully, but for any user it’s a good idea to have a quick refresher before getting used to a completely new electric bike. Here are our top safety tips for riding an ebike.

1) Wear your safety helmet

Many people still ignore this vital piece of advice. In a serious accident, a helmet can really make the difference between life and death. A helmet that shields your entire head is the safest, and often the most comfortable, especially in winter.

2) Switch your lights on

The majority of accidents for cyclists happen at night, which doesn’t change if you’re riding an electric bike. The brighter and more noticeable your lights are, the safer you’ll be on the road.

3) Stay on the left side

In the UK, traffic drives on the left side of the road. You’re not exempt from this rule just because you’re on a bike! Many people think it’s somehow safer to cycle towards oncoming traffic so you can see it approaching, but the statistic tell a different story.

4) Cycle in the lane

If you’re using the road, stay in the middle of the lane where you’re visible. Hovering between the curb and the road is only making you more unpredictable to other drivers, which is increasing the risk for everyone. This is more important for riders of electric bikes, since you’re more likely to be going at a similar speed to cars than pedestrians and other cyclists.

5) Inflate your tyres

Your electric bike will be able to travel further between charges if you keep the tyres inflated properly, plus you’ll have greater control to help you stay on track. When you’re going faster than you’re used to on a bike, losing control isn’t worth the risk.

6) Be wary of all drivers

A lot of drivers will automatically start driving more aggressively when they see a bike coming, probably assuming you’ll be slower than them. With an e-bike this may not be the case, so get ready to react fast if they try to act like you’re not there. Making eye contact with a driver is the best to double check that they’ve seen you.