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eBike Repairs & Service
Not only are we one of the country’s top stockists, but we also offer a comprehensive eBike repairs service. Whether you want to bring your electric bike in for a yearly check-up, get a fault repaired or have some parts professionally replaced, we have you covered at eBikeShed. All the brands we stock have listed us as a registered eBike service centre so you can have 100% confidence in our work. Individual repairs start from as little as £5 and our full electric bike service packages start from just £25, so just let us know what you need and we can offer a great quote.
Trusted eBike Brands
The list of trusted brand names we have in stock includes Hiabike, BH Emotion, Freego, Batribike, Roodog and more available to order upon request. All the top class brands in the UK are available in our range so you’re guaranteed to find an option you’re completely comfortable with. Whether you need an electric bike that’s light and compact for commuting or one thats robust and powerful for off-road activities, we’ll help you find a brand that specialises in exactly what you need.
always the lowest prices
Our Price Match Guarantee applies to all our brands, so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal with us. Our focus is on offering great value for money, which doesn’t only mean we have cheap eBikes for sale, but also that all our products are of the best possible quality to ensure they have an excellent lifespan and continue to excel long after your purchase.
For more information about our products or the services we offer, simply get in contact with us here or give us a call between 9am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

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